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 Sex Work vs. Construction Work

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PostSubject: Sex Work vs. Construction Work   Tue Mar 27, 2007 9:34 pm

When people used to ask me why I started doing prostitution I used to say that it was because a blow job is better than no job. I no longer think like that. After years and years of people pestering me to get of prostitution I finally decided to try my handjob at... OOPS! I mean 'hand' at other types of work and now I can honestly say that a blow job isn't better than no job, a blow job is better than MOST jobs.

Take construction for example, that was one of the first jobs I did outside of prostitution as I needed a job that didn't require a formal education and I still wanted a job that involved getting physical with a bunch of men while working on erections. And since I already had experience with banging, cocking, and screwing nuts it wasn't that difficult for me to find a construction company to sell my body too.

I remember my first day on construction, it was a lot like my first time doing sex work as I spent almost the entire shift getting dirty while on my hands and knees nailing studs. Another thing that reminded me of my first time doing sex work was that I was unable to walk properly the next day.

Those weren't the only similarities though as I also noticed that with construction work, as with sex work, the client is expected to pay upfront, not to mention that it's also difficult to estimate just how long each job will take. As well both professions require the person to have skills at handling large tools as well as knowledge as to the multiple functions of industrial strength lubricant. And just like sex work, in construction not wearing the proper protection could be hazardous to your health

Another thing I noticed, when I was renovation a kitchen, was that johns are kind of like floor tiles -- if you lay them right you can walk all over them.

But as most people know, prostitution and constrution do have their differences, perhaps the biggest difference that I noticed was that one of them left me feeling tired, degraded and exploited. Plus the hardhat really messed up my hair.
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PostSubject: Re: Sex Work vs. Construction Work   Thu Mar 29, 2007 9:25 pm

got more of this zad
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Sex Work vs. Construction Work
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