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 spider man 3

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PostSubject: spider man 3   Tue Mar 27, 2007 11:01 pm

Spiderman 3

release date : 1 MAY 2007

Peter Parker has it good - or so he thinks. He's dating Mary jane, and the people of New York City seem to apppreciate his crime-fighting efforts as Spider-Man. He might even get a staff job at the Daily Bugle, where he works as a freelance photographer. But trouble is brewing. Flint Marko, the man who murdered Spidey's uncle, has beome the supervillian, Sandman. Then Spidey finds an otherworldly black substance merging with his suit - bringing out his dark side. When he reject the alien symniote, it melds with a troubled young man called Eddie Brock, who morphs into the dangerous Vemon.

anyone interested in watch can msg me or msn me...

-27 march 2007-
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spider man 3
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